At IMP & MAKER we think it’s important to give you a deeper insight into our business, to get behind the scenes and understand things all related to good food! Every month we will publish a blog post that will champion a different area of our business or celebrate something amazing that has happened in those 4 weeks!

For us, August aka ‘phase 2’  has been very exciting and busy! We have gone through major developments in relation to our food experiences and website! At the beginning of August we had a full IMP & MAKER photoshoot, this took place in a beautiful home owned by an equally beautiful lady. The photoshoot was amazing, and so was the champagne! 😉

Have a look at all the gorgeous photos either on our IMP & MAKER website or search our Instagram handle ‘@impandmaker’. You will also notice that we have a new look for our hampers (you may notice we like to call them experiences; this is because there’s so much more to them than being a hamper of food!) On the website, each experience is now depicted much more clear, with every product being in shot. This is so you can see every single amazing product you would buy!

We have also included lots of gorgeous lifestyle photography within the website. This is all curtesy of Emily (@brickdustandglitter). This allows for you, as a customer to see all the products in action and in real life! I really want to champion our new ‘Luxury Spaghetti all Carbonara Experience’ here. Imagine a heaped bowl full of al dente spaghetti, in a rich creamy sauce, topped with freshly grated Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese and garnished with fresh parsley. For dessert, enjoy zesty and tangy Cartmel lemon drizzle pudding, with freshly picked raspberries and lashings of double cream, straight from the dairy. Wash down with chilled Reguenho De Melgaco. Buon Apetito!

With help from us at IMP & MAKER, you don’t have to imagine what this lovely evening of fine food would be like. Instead you can purchase it here: