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We think it’s important to give you a deeper insight into our business, to get behind the scenes in all things food! Every month we will publish a blog post that will champion a different area of our business or celebrate something amazing that has happened in those 4 weeks!

This month has been amazing, with the release of 3 new hampers! However, towards the end of the month I was lucky enough to have a catch up with Raissa, from Double Dutch. Double Dutch products are a firm favourite within our hampers, their premium tonics pair beautifully with high quality spirits. The brand was founded by twin sisters, Raissa and Joyce. I asked Raissa about how their brand developed. She explained that the Netherlands is the homeplace of gin! She then laughed and told me that she started mixing strawberry and mint with tonic in a saucepan, as a hobby. Then when her parents held parties, the twins would test out their homemade tonics on family friends… 

The value of equality is very important to Double Dutch. They have a high representation of all genders throughout their brand, ensuring they reach wide inclusivity. Raissa told me that the culture of their brand is relaxed and informal. This is due to their flexible structure. She even told me that they often have gin and tonic parties (sounds like a dream, right?!).

Networking is also really important to the twin sisters. Originally being from the Netherlands, they tried hard to get to know people within the UK industry. Meeting one person at an event led to another. Raissa mentioned about plans for lots more UK events! This summer, they are even launching within the US! I asked Raissa more about this, and she explained that in order for it to be a success (which I’m sure it will!) they need to understand America culturally. For example, they are bigger tequila than gin drinkers, and so their tonics need to fit accordingly.

Double Dutch are an amazing female brand. Raissa ended our chat by saying ‘the most important thing is to never be dull, to find pleasures in the everyday’. I think this is a lovely comment that can be applied to life generally. This made me realize that at IMP & MAKER we really do have connections to the best brands and best people!