At IMP & MAKER we think it’s important to give you a deeper insight into our business, to get behind the scenes and understand things all related to good food! Every month we will publish a blog post that will champion a different area of our business or celebrate something amazing that has happened in those 4 weeks!

This week I was lucky enough to travel and meet a selection of our wonderful producers across Lincolnshire. I would love to share with you some details regarding Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese. Brothers, Tim and Simon Jones happily greeted Sarah Louise and I as we arrived to their dairy farm near Alford. The cows are milked at both 4:30AM and 2:00PM, the 6,000 litres of milk produces approximately half a ton of cheese every day. I found it amazing that the cheese we watched being made won’t be ready until 2023.

Tim explained that all thanks is owed to the precious cows. I learnt that the cows graze outside on grass and they also grow their own crops for them cows. In fact, the cows are specifically bred for cheese, rather than milk.

Tim and Simon then took us into what felt like a magical cheese wonderland. Behind the farm they have a large warehouse and especially built wooden frames to house every single cheese wheel. Until recently, Reece, aged 65 (one of Lincolnshire Poachers most loyal and longest staff member) hand turned every single cheese in the warehouse; that’s 18,000 a month! This was to help with moisture. Today, they are lucky enough to have one only 2 robots in the country that mechanically turns every cheese wheel, they have even given her the name ‘Florence the machine’.

We were also given the opportunity to taste a little cheese. Simon had a specific cheese scoop which once turned pulls out a perfect cylinder of cheese. When tasting the Lincolnshire Poacher, I felt you could really taste the length of cheese, as it stayed on the palate for a while, it had a three dimensional flavour.

You can taste the award winning cheese in our luxury Cheese Lovers’ Experience. Please find the link below.